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January 21 2018

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I'm on a different wave, therefore your storms can't affect me.


- Meggan Roxanne

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that’s… not… what bi means…

In honor of arbor day we dumped 5000 spiders into the nearest river

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The old gods are not dead


I hear Athenas war cry in the shouts of protests,
fighting a war now closer to home,
I see her in the young women with picket signs
clenched tightly in their fists

Hera curses the names of the abusers
The ones who break families and marriages
Her voice heard in the wedding bells of young lovers

Poseidon now resides in a beach home
Going out every night to pick of trash left by the day
Shooting daggers at the drunk men letting their bottles be swept away

Demeter can be heard cursing the politicians refusing to believe in global warming
Names of scientists and studies on the tip of her tongue
She is found teaching young children how to grow their food at the community garden

Ares is found on the front lines of a different war, not fighting but protecting the innocent
Guiding classrooms of children away from gunfire,
His shield protecting the terrified

Apollo can be found at opens mics
Reciting his latest works
Or walking down the street in docs on his feet and a guitar on his back
He knows he’s the coolest

Artemis is seen on the streets
Her bow and arrow have long left her
Carrying nothing more than a knife and mace
She hunts a different kind of monster now

Hephaestus resides in a workshop at all hours of the night
Creating custom pieces for the right price and a warm smile
The hammer making him feel invincible

Aphrodite’s song is heard in the breathy kisses of teenagers
Shes found walking down the street, lips a blood red
Punching the men who dare disrespect her  

Hermes is seen with a smirk as he walks long well-traveled roads
Delivering the messages of those needing to be heard
Traveling, telling stories, and wearing out another pair of shoes

Dionysus’s voice heard only over the pounding bass in the bar
Keeping watch over young girls drinks
Dancing, partying and living as he throws another one back

Hades is seen weeping over the graves of those taken much to soon
Looking to his wife for comfort
He’s long lost his faith in humanity

Persephone found in the gardens beside her mother in the spring
Brushing off girl’s dirty knees and putting flower crowns on their heads
She can be seen holding onto hades as he mourns the loss of life

Hecate will be found running metaphysical shops
Bringing hope to powerful women wanting more
Selling potions, nobody thinks will work
And collecting graveyard dirt for a new spell

Zeus is watching over everyone
Watches Athena cry
Hera curse the men, he being one of them
Poseidon’s glares
Demeter’s harsh words
Ares raising his shield
Apollos singing
Artemis as she tracks a new beast
Watches Hephaestus work
Sees Aphrodite punch
Hears Hermes words
Sees hades weep
And Persephone plant and comfort her partner
And grins as Hecate keeps magic alive

The old gods are not dead

They are alive

And they are watching

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Metlako Falls by Sveta Imnadze

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- Nature blog ^^

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Words like violence, break the silence, come crashing in, into my little world, painful to me, pierce right through me, can’t you understand, oh my little girl

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Simple Witch Things You Can Do


○ burn your favorite incense or candle

○ walk around barefoot to connect with the earth

○ burn random candles as you please

○ cleanse your crystals

○ thank your crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, and other tools

○ give offerings to forest spirits or animals

○ draw in sand

○ paint your feelings

○ meditate on cleansing your mind

○ use your favorite essential oils !!

○ write down all the things you hate and burn it

○ listen to your favorite song, not caring about how many times it repeats

○ draw or doodle with an intention, similar to sigils, but easer to hide

○ love yourself

        witchcraft is what you make of it, if you make it hard, it will be hard

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