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ūüĆ≥General Tree AssociationsūüĆ≥



Alder - Alder is used in rituals to balance actions and emotions. Associated with charisma, journeys, self-confidence, bravery, supervision skills, and spiritual growth. Alder 

Apple - Used in rituals that focus on healing, love, and fertility. It is also associated with the fairy realm and wands made from apple trees are particularly effective when dealing with harmony, serenity, and peace. 

Ash - Ash is associated with the mental. It is useful when dealing with communication, intelligence, and wisdom. Ash is associated with linguistic arts such as poetry. It is also said to prevent drowning, protect against unwanted life changes, and weather magick. 

Beech - Beech can be used to help balance mental illnesses (in addition to proper medical treatment, of course). It is a great choice to aid in divination, contact with ancestors, and magickal research. 

Birch - Birch trees are heavily associated with rebirth and cleansing. Birch can be used to aid in healing spells as well as banishing spells and rituals. 

Cedar - Cedar is often used to create sacred spaces in which to perform rituals and spells. It is associated with protection, longevity, and preservation. 

Cherry - Cherry trees are often associated with stability and can be used to increase focus. Cherry is also associated with animals, familiars, and unification. 

Elder - Elder is most often used in association with fairie rituals, healing, imaginative endeavors, and banishment. 

Elm - Elm trees are often associated with stages of life, specifically birth and death. It is used both to usher in newborns and send loved ones off into the next life. 

Hawthorn - Hawthorn is used for psychic development and creativity. It is also associated with developing patience, magick detection and concealment, and male potency. 

Hazel - Hazel is associated with artistic ability and talent as well as optimism. 

Hickory -  Hickory trees are associated with acquisition, abundance, wholeness, and leadership. It is known to promote eloquence, creative expression, and inspiration. 

Holly - Holly trees are often used in sleep magick, but lore also exists concerning its ability to make those who possess Holly leaves and berries sexually irresistible. Holly can also aid those in mourning or those who are dealing with grief. 

Lilac - Lilac trees (and bushes) are most often associated with romance and love. Lilac can aid communication between lovers, offer protection while traveling, and help with concentration. 

Maple - Maple can help with intellectual pursuits and is often used in spells and rituals concerning beauty, art, and abundance. 

Oak - Oak is a fairly common tree and is associated with strength, vitality, truth, protection, and knowledge. Oak trees can be used to help in grounding exercises. 

Osage Orange - Osage Orange trees aid in repelling negative energy, astral travel and projection, and connecting with spirits. 

Pine - Pine trees are known to give protection and joy to those who have branches of pine in their homes. It can help harness inner strength, ease stress, and renew one’s sense of purpose.

Poplar - Poplar is often used as an all-purpose wood as it contains useful energies for a large variety of uses. It can be used for evocation as well as banishing and is useful when divining. 

Sassafras - Sassafras has long been used as a protection aid as well as a sleep aid. It is said that burying money by the roots of a Sassafras tree will bring the owner of the money prosperity. Sassafras has also been known to aid the digestive system.

Black Walnut - Black Walnut trees are associated with air and the astral plane. Black Walnut can be used to help one astral project or travel and work with the weather. 

Willow - Willow trees are considered highly emotional. Willow trees can provide energy to the weak and elderly. Burning Willow wood can bring peace to the deceased. It can also aid in love spells, healing, and rebirth rituals. Willow wood is considered to possess the very essence of magick and is an extremely powerful tool. 

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