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tubby ran out of wet food and i couldn’t get to the pet store before lunch so i had to improvise and made her a scrambled egg

she is intensely dubious about this non-salmon food item

despite how much she loves eggs when i’m eating them, she had no interest in eggs that had been prepared especially for her. fortunately we were able to escape our driveway and get her preferred salmon and gravy, and while we were out i bought a frame for the @viv-draws print i bought her

her standards have finally been met

a couple of people have expressed concern about tubby breaking her dishes, so i just want to note that sometimes when the cups are misaligned in their tray they wobble a little and make a tiny clinking sound. when this happens instead of eating directly out of her dish, tubby will use her paw to bring the food to her mouth in order to prevent any unseemly noises.

Your cat is a very prim cat.

not to be dramatic but I’d die for tubby

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